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At WildCraft Cider Works, we pride ourselves on developing innovative, artisanal dry ciders inspired by traditional and wild methodology. Insisting on whole fruit and botanicals grown in Oregon to create pure ciders without artificial flavorings, sulfites or added sweeteners. WildCraft cider is uniquely dry cider unpasteurized & bottle conditioned. We consider ourselves stewards of the outdoors; always acting consciously to ensure that our ingredients are regional.



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Hard Cider

6.9%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

Our flagship Dry Cider, made entirely from Oregon apples is locally sourced and pressed. This is a classic dry session cider with enough complexity to enjoy year round, all the time. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.





Farmhouse Dry Cider – BATCH 003 – spring 2015   

6.3%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

Batch three of our signature Farmhouse style cider. Varietals include Famuese Red (Snow Apple), Oregon Crabapple & Braeburn.  Farmhouse Batch 003 is extremely light in body, tart with a hint of sweetness. Our Farmhouse Dry line of cider is uniquely different with each batch and is specific to a chosen small plot in which the trees are entirely untreated and kept wild. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.





Single Varietal Jonagold

6.9%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

A single varietal dry cider made entirely from Jonagold apples, the likes of which never leave the state are locally sourced and pressed. Single Varietal Jonagold is a lightly floral dry cider with a hint of sweetness that is bound to bring a smile to the face of cider lovers everywhere. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.



Imperial Homestead Hopped

8%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml  | 50 IBU.

This is an Imperial style hopped cider using 4 lbs per barrel of high quality Oregon grown hops.  Peach and Blueberry character come through pleasantly on the nose from the very aromatic Mosaic Hop varietal, while Crystal Hop contributes citrus-like flavors to a dry apple base.  This cider is unique in that,  using special methods, Imperial hopped contains 50 IBU’s and is not just solely dry hopped like other hopped ciders on the market. Strong, full flavored, and unfiltered, Imperial homestead hopped is a treat for any lover of hops and cider. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.          Hops : Crystal, Mosaic .



Homestead Hopped

6.7%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml  | 45 IBU.

A settler-style cider fermented to complete dryness and dry hopped with 2 lbs per barrel Simcoe hops from Hop Valley. Hopped to not overpower the presence of apple aroma but rather add dimensions of Citrus and Passionfruit. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.
Apple Varietals:  Honeycrisp, Granny Smith              Hops : Crystal, Simcoe .






6.9%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

A dry cider and 10 percent persimmon wine blend matured on whole persimmons. A clean wine like character can be experienced with a mouth full of tannins developed from the persimmon peel. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.





Tart Cherry

6.9%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

This hand-picked array of our lower Willamette Valley sweet and sour varietals were freeze pressed, blended and allowed to ferment to dryness with a tart apple base. A true and infinitely refreshing dry cherry cider. It is here where pink hues and light cherry notes last long into the finish. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.




Blue River Blueberry

6.9%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

This beverage is the direct result of small-farmed Blueberries from Oregon’s beautiful Mckenzie River basin that we have hand picked, hand mashed and fermented. This base dry cider brings out a fantastically vibrant color and is the wild rendition of a fruit cider. You will not be overwhelmed by mouth coating sweetness but rather find an earthy, vinous quality of fermented peel and whole fruit. Blue River Blueberry is a funky and wild treat for the lovers of experimental fermentation! Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.



2014 Perries


Pioneer Perry

6.9%  ABV  |  750ml

Our 2014 Pioneer Perry is layered with the complex flavors of hazelnut, fresh shortbread & orange blossom honey. The exquisite qualities of pre-prohibition planted American Pear varietals were allowed to reach their fullest potential. Harvested and handpicked from the founding farmlands of Lane County, this is an experience that provides unprecedented, homegrown quality. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.





Wild Fermented Apple & Pear

6.3%  ABV  |  750ml

A blend of green gravenstein apple & red bartlett pear picked from an untreated homestead orchard. Fermented entirely with native Willamette Valley yeast to ensure true dryness, this beverage presents you with a tart apple flavor to balance the fresh taste of pear. All this combined with a lasting earthy finish gives you yet one more reason to enjoy the wild. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.





Elderberry Perry  

6%  ABV  |  750ml

These elderberries were wildcrafted in the mountains of Cottage Grove, hand destemmed and fermented whole in a red Bartlett perry. Floral, vinous, fruit-forward berries hail from the rugged Oregon wilderness into a rich & full bodied pear complexity. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.






Cherry  Perry   

6.9%  ABV  |  750ml

A blend of red bartlett pear, sweet and tart cherries harvested from Willamette Valley orchards, fermented together to achieve true dryness. A sweet rosehip aroma sets the stage for a leading tart cherry character that delves into a crisp pear finale. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.




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