We are Eugene’s first cidery. At Wildcraft Cider Works, we pride ourselves on developing innovative, artisanal hard ciders from the natural bounty provided to us by the Pacific NorthWest.  We consider ourselves stewards of the outdoors, always acting consciously to ensure that our ingredients are   sustainably harvested and pure in quality, resulting in a carefully crafted cider.

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Welcome to Cherry Valley. Here you will find a blend of sun sweetened cherries grown in the Willamette Valley. This cider has a broad palate, from its subtle spices through its dry finish.

This dry sparkling cider is apple in it’s cleanest form. Subtle aromatics and great clarity are brought out through sustained fermentation and balanced by a slight natural sweetness.

This fortified cider is a blend of our cleanest cider and our distilled apple spirits. A strong sparkling dry cider.




Sean Kelly of WildCraft Cider Works sorts cherries with the help of the kids Harvest - Harvest is about hustle. It’s about sweat. It’s sticky. It’s juicy. It’s sweet. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun. But more than anything, the true beauty of the harvest in the interconnectedness. The day starts before dawn as we load up the trucks, guzzle down our coffee, and head out to the…

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