Western Farmhouse Cider Cellar Reserve

Pisgah Heritage – Western Farmhouse Cider
6.9%  ABV  |  750ml

Wildcraft Cider Works partnered with Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah to create this traditional farmhouse cider with apples and English Hawthorne berries & blossoms. The Friends enhance native ecosystems& compatible recreation in the 4700-acreMt. Pisgah area. Volunteers helped harvest the ingredients near the historic Seavey homestead within Lane County’s Buford Park, reducing troublesome invasive plants that harm native habitats. The result is this floral and complex dry cider that helps support our natural heritage. Learn more about Friends of Buford Park and Mt. Pisgah here:  www.bufordpark.org




Elderberry Perry – Original Fare & WildCraft Cider Works
6.4%  ABV  |  750ml

Mountain harvested Elderberries fermented whole with wild pear skins, pressed and left to age for 3 months in American Oak. The resulting rich, earthy and floral wine is then blended with a true wild fermented Perry resulting in a surprisingly bright, fruity and balanced expression of our Oregon wilderness.



Willamette Heritage – Western Farmhouse Cider
6.9%  ABV  |  750ml

Though the tradition of cider making is still in the memory of many farmhouses across the nation, the methods once used along the west coast seem to have all but vanished. In times gone by the unique Willamette Valley landscape was covered in orchards planted by cider reliant settlers. Some of these orchards remain, now untamed but still accessible, and provide a portal to their mysterious past. Fermented with indigenous yeasts from the fruit of the very same orchards, we present to you the reclamation of the bygone Western Farmhouse Cider.