Cider Archive

Here is a look at some of our past fermentations.

Community Apple Drive Cider

Crowd sourced ingredients donated and harvested by the community.

Community Apple Drive – 2015 Unfiltered Dry Cider    

6.4%  ABV  |  500 ml

Our inaugural release of the Wildcraft Community Apple Drive. The culmination of a full-scale community effort, utilizing the donated fruit from your gardens, backyards & wild spaces. Apples, pears, and plums of all types and varietals were pressed & fermented from August through December then blended into this single batch. A representation of what we can do as a community through the age-old process of crafting hand-made cider. Let us ring in the new year in celebration of positive our efforts and toast to responsible stewardship. Cheers!


For the Love of Lilac 7.2% ABV | 500mlFor the Love of Lilac    

7.2% ABV | 500ml

As part of our Community Apple Drive series, we are pleased to bring to you the inaugural For the Love of Lilac Cider. Through the months of April and May, people around Eugene teamed up and brought in their lilac blossoms. This WildCraft offering is a handmade blend of crowd-sourced lilac wine and dry cider; floral and rich, yet light and enjoyable. We are delighted to present this back to you all as one of the many great uses of this abundant and amazing resource. Thank you for your continued support in the Community Apple Drive! In the spirit of community
5% of all sales go to benefit the School Garden

Whole Fruit Blends

Quince Session cider 5.7% ABV | 500ml


Quince Session cider 5.7%  ABV  |  500ml
This summer release is made with one of the more unique yet abundant ingredients Oregon has to offer. Whole biodynamically grown quince, fermented with cold pressed Gravenstein apples results in a floral, subtly sweet session cider.  If you are unfamiliar or have ever been curious about this underrated fruit, we are excited for you to try one of WildCraft’s favorites. Enjoy the Wild!

PURKERSON-ROWE Wild Plum 7.2% ABV | 500ml

7.2%  ABV  |  500ml  |
Cider fermented from a foundation of sustainable farming, friendship & symbiosis. Bob Purkerson of Junction city, the steward of his family’s original homestead, has been a dedicated farmer & entrepreneur of many trades. Freeman Rowe has been a world-leading mycological expert & botanist for 3 decades. Together their connection with the land, friendship & knowledge created our longest living bio-dynamic orchard in Lane County. Bio-Dynamic farming is a holistic aproach that requires diligence & ingenious practices to nurture the land along with the crop. The plums that went into this offering came from the hard working family at Purkerson-Rowe Biodynamic Orchard. Grown by our community, for our community.

Aronia berry   

6.4%  ABV  |  500ml
A very special and limited release of whole, biodynamically grown Aronia berries freeze pressed with whole pears and blended with a cider fermented with a very rare and unique well balanced wild lactobacillus culture. Enjoy the Wild!

Blue River Blueberry   

6.3%  ABV  |  500ml  |
Bright whole blueberries from Organic Redneck Farm in Leaburg are fermented on skin, in a blend of Willamette Valley apples & wild yeast strains. Grown by our community, for our community. All Oregon grown, all the time.

Suncrest Peach 6.9%  ABV  |  500ml

Suncrest Peach is a handmade cider blended from locally grown freeze pressed peaches and cold pressed apples, fermented together for a naturally dry cider. Perfect for summer living – this cider is good on ice, great in cocktails or just straight from the bottle.



Wild Plum

7.5%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

A blend of the robust Mirabelle plum, freeze-pressed to produce background aromatics and raw acidity creating the illusion of sweetness to a dry cider base. Wild Plum grants tartness to a soft sour finish that will satisfy all lovers of crisp, wild cider. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.



6.9%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

A dry cider and 10 percent persimmon wine blend matured on whole persimmons. A clean wine like character can be experienced with a mouth full of tannins developed from the persimmon peel. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.



Blue River Blueberry – 2014

6.9%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

This beverage is the direct result of small-farmed Blueberries from Oregon’s beautiful Mckenzie River basin that we have hand picked, hand mashed and fermented. This base dry cider brings out a fantastically vibrant color and is the wild rendition of a fruit cider. You will not be overwhelmed by mouth coating sweetness but rather find an earthy, vinous quality of fermented peel and whole fruit. Blue River Blueberry is a funky and wild treat for the lovers of experimental fermentation! Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.



Tart Cherry

6.9%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

This hand-picked array of our lower Willamette Valley sweet and sour varietals were freeze pressed, blended and allowed to ferment to dryness with a tart apple base. A true and infinitely refreshing dry cherry cider. It is here where pink hues and light cherry notes last long into the finish. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.




Suncrest Peach

6.9%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

Fresh local summer Suncrest peaches pressed and fermented with a tart apple base. Clean crisp and lightly fruity. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.




7.5%  ABV  |  500 ml

A unique botanical fermentation made with our valley Stinging Nettles. Shoots of the Nettle plant are harvested in early spring before flower pods develop. Leaves are dried and cured for up to 6 months and are then left for a long rest in Agave syrup and pressed clean. The mixture is then blended with a house cider blend and fermented to dryness. A mild herbaceous quality on the nose with a nice dry apply finish.

Imperial Homestead Hopped

8%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml  | 50 IBU.

This is an Imperial style hopped cider using 4 lbs per barrel of high quality Oregon grown hops.  Peach and Blueberry character come through pleasantly on the nose from the very aromatic Mosaic Hop varietal, while Crystal Hop contributes citrus-like flavors to a dry apple base.  This cider is unique in that,  using special methods, Imperial hopped contains 50 IBU’s and is not just solely dry hopped like other hopped ciders on the market. Strong, full flavored, and unfiltered, Imperial homestead hopped is a treat for any lover of hops and cider. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.

Hops : Crystal, Mosaic .


Homestead Hopped

6.7%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml  | 45 IBU.

A settler-style cider fermented to complete dryness and dry hopped with 2 lbs per barrel Simcoe hops from Hop Valley. Hopped to not overpower the presence of apple aroma but rather add dimensions of Citrus and Passionfruit. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.
Apple Varietals:  Honeycrisp, Granny Smith              Hops : Crystal, Simcoe .

Oak Aged Cider

Oak Aged Kiwi Berry  
6.8%  ABV  |  500ml  |
A perfect marriage of dry cider made with a blend of American heirloom varietals, American oak, and the complex flavor profile of Oregon kiwi berries fermented on skin. These kiwis, harvested from a variety of Lane County vineyards, are for the first time being purposed to the making of cider. WildCraft is proud to support our local farmers through creative and delicious endeavors.


Snake River Rye – Barrel Aged Hard Cider    

7.5%  ABV  |  500 ml

Dry settler style Cider aged 3 months in American Oak Stein Rye Whiskey barrels from eastern Oregon. Deep whiskey notes and a full oak finish compliment smooth vanilla flavor & apple aromatics. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.

Special Releases

Krampus Cranberry Spruce – Imperial hard cider, with cranberries & spruce tips   

9%  ABV  |  500 ml

For those unfamiliar, according to some European folklore, Krampus traditionally accompanies Saint Nicholas during the Christmas holiday season. While Saint Nicholas rewards children for remaining well behaved throughout the year, the rest have to answer to Krampus, who punishes them for misbehaving. Like Krampus, this triple fermented Imperial Hard Cider with whole pressed Oregon grown cranberries and spruce tips, has a somewhat darker, more abrasive edge, with seasonal profile.

Winter Witches brew

7.2%  ABV  |  500ml

Seven apples, seven herbs, Some are boiled, some are stirred, This concoction blurs the lines, Of what is cider what is wine, Into the night her cauldron spirals It churns a brew to make you smile, If a witches brew with just a hint, Can wake you when you need a pinch, And help you turn the dial, In this bottle is a rinse, We encourage you, Enjoy the Wild!



Imperial Hard Cider   
13.9%  ABV  |  500ml
An imperial Dry Cider, made entirely from Oregon apples is locally sourced and pressed. This is a high gravity classic dry cider not to be taken lightly. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.


Farmhouse Dry Cider

Every batch is unique.


Farmhouse Dry Cider

6.3%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

This Farmhouse style cider is a blend of Gravenstein, Prime Red, and Macintosh straight from the orchards of the original Lane County settlers. This cider unlocks the secret flavor and fullness of our overgrown fruit forests. We pride ourselves on batches of Farmhouse dry being uniquely different each time. Each batch is specific to a small plot in which the trees are entirely untreated and kept wild. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.


Farmhouse Dry Cider – BATCH – 002 WINTER 2014

6.9%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

Batch two of our signature Farmhouse style cider exemplifies French cider making methodology.  Varietals wild crafted here in Oregon include Famuese Red (Snow Apple), Oregon Crabapple & Braeburn all picked from one single small orchard on Territorial Road.  Farmhouse Batch 002 is extremely rich, light in body, highly floral & carries a hint of sweetness. Our Farmhouse Dry line of cider is uniquely different with each batch and is specific to a chosen small plot in which the trees are entirely untreated and kept wild. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.


Farmhouse Dry Cider – BATCH 003 – spring 2015   

6.3%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

Batch three of our signature Farmhouse style cider. Varietals include Famuese Red (Snow Apple), Oregon Crabapple & Braeburn.  Farmhouse Batch 003 is extremely light in body, tart with a hint of sweetness. Our Farmhouse Dry line of cider is uniquely different with each batch and is specific to a chosen small plot in which the trees are entirely untreated and kept wild. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.


Farmhouse Dry Cider – BATCH-004 – Barrel fermented

8.5%  ABV  |  500ml  |

A dry, single varietal Honeycrisp cider fermented entirely in neutral Oregon Oak barrels utilizing our house wild yeast strains.  Soft white oak tannins and the interplay of sweet Honeycrisp apple and a truly dry finish balance this outstanding 8.5% Imperial Farmhouse cider.  Enjoy the Wild.



Farmhouse Dry Cider – BATCH-005 – Gravenstein

6.7%  ABV  |  500ml  |

Late summer windfalls of a classic settler varietal gathered from homesteads around Lane & Linn Counties. A tart cider reminiscent of farmhouse style straw-filtered juice. All Oregon grown, all the time.


Farmhouse Dry Cider – BATCH-006 – Heirloom

6.1%  ABV  |  500ml  |

American Heirloom apples are cultivars discovered or bred in America pre-WWII, intended to be multi-purpose varietals for cider, juice, pies and sauces, to extend the use of apples across the household needs of the traditional farmstead. This bone-dry cider is fermented in natural temperature conditions, late in apple season, from hand pressed apples of the original plantings of Oregon in the early 1900’s farming revolution. Brought to you by WildCraft in true farmhouse fashion..   

Single Varietal Cider



Single Varietal Jonagold

6.9%  ABV  |  22oz 650ml

A single varietal dry cider made entirely from Jonagold apples, the likes of which never leave the state are locally sourced and pressed. Single Varietal Jonagold is a lightly floral dry cider with a hint of sweetness that is bound to bring a smile to the face of cider lovers everywhere. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.




2014 Perries

Pioneer Perry
6.9%  ABV  |  750ml
Our 2014 Pioneer Perry is layered with the complex flavors of hazelnut, fresh shortbread & orange blossom honey. The exquisite qualities of pre-prohibition planted American Pear varietals were allowed to reach their fullest potential. Harvested and handpicked from the founding farmlands of Lane County, this is an experience that provides unprecedented, homegrown quality. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.



Wild Fermented Apple & Pear
6.3%  ABV  |  750ml
A blend of green gravenstein apple & red bartlett pear picked from an untreated homestead orchard. Fermented entirely with native Willamette Valley yeast to ensure true dryness, this beverage presents you with a tart apple flavor to balance the fresh taste of pear. All this combined with a lasting earthy finish gives you yet one more reason to enjoy the wild. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.





Elderberry Perry  
6%  ABV  |  750ml
These elderberries were wildcrafted in the mountains of Cottage Grove, hand destemmed and fermented whole in a red Bartlett perry. Floral, vinous, fruit-forward berries hail from the rugged Oregon wilderness into a rich & full bodied pear complexity. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.





Cherry  Perry   
6.9%  ABV  |  750ml
A blend of red bartlett pear, sweet and tart cherries harvested from Willamette Valley orchards, fermented together to achieve true dryness. A sweet rosehip aroma sets the stage for a leading tart cherry character that delves into a crisp pear finale. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.