our cider

Our cider is pressed from whole Oregon grown fruit & gathered botanicals,
spontaneously wild fermented and unpasteurized.

Community Apple Drive Cider

Crowd sourced ingredients harvested by the community to build community.

Community Apple Drive (2016) 6.9% ABV | 500ml

Community Apple Drive (2016) – Unfiltered Dry Cider  

6.9%  ABV  |  500ml

Cider doesn’t get more local than when it is made from the fruit of your own trees. This Community Apple Drive™ Cider is made from the donated fruit from your gardens, backyards and wild spaces. It is the culmination of a full-scale community effort, utilizing local resources and bringing us closer together around the age-old process of crafting handmade cider, made from the community, for the community. In the spirit of community stewardship, 10% of all sales from this cider created with the apples from the Community Apple Drive™ will be donated to The Long Tom Watershed Council [www.longtom.org].

Special Release

Krampus Cranberry – Imperial  cider, with Cranberries & Juniper  9%  ABV  |  500 ml

For those unfamiliar, according to some European folklore, Krampus traditionally accompanies Saint Nicholas during the Christmas holiday season. While Saint Nicholas rewards children for remaining well behaved throughout the year, the rest have to answer to Krampus, who punishes them for misbehaving. Like Krampus, this triple fermented Imperial Hard Cider with whole pressed Oregon grown cranberries and juniper berries has a somewhat darker, more abrasive edge, with a seasonal profile.

Farmhouse B-007 wild orchard 6.1% ABV | 500ml

Farmhouse Dry Cider – BATCH-007 – Wild Orchard 6.1%  ABV  |  500ml
This dry cider embodies the spirit of those seeking to reveal the treasures behind the overgrown apple forests of Oregon. It holds the secrets kept by the thorny wild landscapes that leave its trespassers scratched and torn from the expedition for a truly unique cider. Wild harvested. Wild fermented. This is the reward for the willing explorers of the unknown.


Hard Cider
6.9%  ABV  |  500ml
Our flagship Dry Cider, made entirely from Oregon apples is locally sourced and pressed. This is a classic dry session cider with enough complexity to enjoy year round, all the time. Unpasteurized & bottle conditioned.


Pioneer Perry   

7.1%  ABV  |  500ml
Hand pressed & carefully crafted from a blend of wild & cultivated pears, Oregon’s state fruit. WildCraft Perry is a labor of love. Fermented naturally off-dry with good body. Enjoy the Wild!





Wild Rose  6.9%   ABV  |  500ml  |
Each batch of Wild Rose cider is handcrafted with rose buds sourced from our neighbors, Mountain Rose Herbs. Their organic buds are handpicked daily just before sunrise to best preserve their delicate aroma. We are proud to feature high quality and sustainably sourced ingredients in this wild fermented, long cold conditioned cider. Enjoy the Wild!




Imperial Homestead Hopped  8%  ABV | 500ml

35 IBU | Hops:  Simcoe & Amarillo 
This imperial hopped cider is the fall warmer to honor the great Oregon fresh hopped season. High sugar apples, wild fermented and aged for an entire year, then refermented with Oregon grown hops 3 weeks before bottling. 

Whole Fruit Blends

 Mirabelle WILD PLUM 7.5% ABV | 500ml

Mirabelle WILD PLUM 7.5%  ABV  |  500ml

Mirabelle plums are a specialty plum from the Lorraine region of France. Prized for their full flavor and high sugar content, they have been used for centuries to make jams, wine and brandy. These mirabelles were biodynamically grown in Oregon’s beautiful Lorane valley, fermented whole, pressed and aged to make a full bodied wine. This cider is a blend of Jonathan and Gravenstein apples and mirabelle plum wine. A rich full bodied version of the Wild Plum series. All Oregon grown, all the time.

Oak Aged Cider

Snake River Rye gravenstein 6.3% ABV | 500ml


Snake River Rye Gravenstein 6.3%  ABV  |  500ml 

Dry settler style Cider aged 3 months in American Oak Stein Rye Whiskey barrels from eastern Oregon. Deep whiskey notes and a full oak finish compliment smooth vanilla flavor & apple aromatics.




Oak Aged Pinot Barrel Cherry Cider – 7.6% ABV | 500ml
A winter addition to our barrel aged line. Pure freeze pressed cherry wine made from a variety of Lane County cherries is aged five months in french oak pinot noir barrels. This wine is then blended with a naturally fermented, wild harvested cider for a full bodied, high tannin winter warmer.