Community Apple Drive


Your fruit, your community, your cider.

At Wildcraft, we pride ourselves on being community organizers and responsible stewards of local resources. The annual Community Apple Drive™ allows us to combine our passion for cider with our commitment to community involvement. This full-scale community effort helps us utilize local resources; the age-old process of crafting handmade cider brings us closer together.

Oregonians consider the question, “Where is my food coming from?” The Community Apple Drive™ is our very close-to-home answer. Cider doesn’t get more local than when it is made from the fruit of your own trees. Whether you’re a fruit connoisseur with a basket from your personal orchard, or your neighborhood is a jungle with an abundance of forsaken fruit, your contribution can help us resourcefully craft a distinctly local, and uniquely enjoyable, cider. In the summer and fall, when neighborhood trees paint the sidewalks with fallen fruit and backyards turn into wild places with too much fruit to handle, our WildCraft family is ready to help you turn your fruit into something more.

During the Community Apple Drive™, which will typically run July – November, WildCraft Cider Works invites you to bring your fallen and unwanted fruit in exchange for WildCraft trade. Donate your unwanted apples, pears, and plums (all varietals welcome) in exchange for cider or juice. The more fruit you donate, the bigger exchange you’ll get. Think of it as a grassroots barter system, with handcrafted cider as the trade.

Your efforts will help benefit the following community organizations

Depending on the amount and variety of fruit received during the Community Apple Drive™, WildCraft will release 4 annual ciders in the Community Cider Series. These four distinct ciders made from this crowd sourced fruit will each pay it forward, with a percentage of the proceeds from all sales being donated to local community groups focused on land conservation, stewardship and food education. We are happy to partner with these groups to  bring resources and awareness to the work they do in our community today to preserve and nurture our greatest local resources.

Drop fruit here!

Bring in your apples, Pears or plums

•  WildCraft Cider Mill & Tasting Room 

  232 Lincoln St. Eugene, OR 97401

Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

And during Tasting Room open hours

• BRING Recycling 

4446 Franklin Blvd Eugene, OR 97403

Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm

Sun: 10am-5pm

Barter fruit for Cider!

The more fruit you bring the more trade you get!

1 bushel = 1 pint of cider or 1 quart of fresh juice

4 bushels* = 32oz commemorative growlette**+ fill

* Bushel is equal to 35 – 40lbs  of usable fruit or 8 gallons of juice when pressed. Payment in trade voucher redeemable at WildCraft Cider Works. **While supplies last.