For the Love of Lilac Cider Release!

Eugene, Ore. – July 30th, 2016 – WildCraft Cider Works announces its latest product from the Community Drive Cider Series, “For the Love of Lilac Cider”! This cider is a gently floral, naturally semi-sweet cider, made with lilac blossoms collected from community donations this spring.

Through the months of March and April, WildCraft Cider promoted the drive through social and community outreach, asking for the community to share in the bounty of the local Lilac blossoms. The Lilacs were used to create a cider blended with 10% Lilac wine, a personal favorite of owner, Sean Kelly, and a crowd favorite of 2015. This cider was previously only made in small batches utilizing lilacs from Kelly’s very own backyard.

Plant sugars can take years to ferment. Flowers are full of sugars that are perceived by smell, but difficult to taste because of the many bitter constituents. However, if one were to juice the flowers, there would be more sugars present in the juice than from that of many of the apples that we pressed last year.” – said Kelly.

Bottles will be available during the release party, a benefit for the School Garden Project, at the Lane County Farmers Market, Saturday July 30th from 9AM-3PM and at the release after party, hosted at Friendly St. Market, from 4PM-6PM. Come to either location to pick up a bottle, fill a growler, score some WildCraft swag, and support the School Garden Project!

About the School Garden Project

School Garden Project is a local nonprofit organization that provides garden-based science lessons to more than 1,200 Lane County children each year. While learning science, students eat the vegetables they grow in their very own school gardens. Their program is “committed to a future in which school garden education helps children become healthy adults who eat their fruits and vegetables, know the basics of growing food, and contribute to a thriving community”.

About Community Drive Cider Series

The Community Drive Cider Series is a line of products, by WildCraft Cider Works, offered from the community for the community. Releases of cider, including lilac, plum, and pear varieties, are developed exclusively from excess fruit and flowers found throughout the neighborhoods and wild spaces surrounding Lane County. Throughout the year community members are invited to bring in fruit, in exchange for fresh pressed juice, cider, or even a ticket to the annual Urban Orchard Harvest Party, a celebration of the people and resources that make this series a reality. WildCraft Cider Works is a leader in partnering with organizations whose commitments, aligned with their own, are to nourish community and environment by protecting wild spaces, including forests and waterways, as well as educating folks, especially the youth, on being conscious stewards of the land.



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  1. Sharon says:

    I want to come for this release party, but don’t know where the Lane County farmers market is; could you please provide an address?

    Thank you!

    1. alietatrain says:

      Hi Sharon! The farmers market is located on 8th and Oak St. downtown Eugene! see you there!

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