Community Produced Cider Release – February 5th

It’s almost time to taste the fruits of your labor… The inaugural release of the Community Apple Drive Cider, a handcrafted cider harvested exclusively by you, our community, will be released this February. Hi-Fi Music Hall is hosting the official release party, sponsored and represented by Marv Ellis and the WE Tribe, on February 5, 2016.

During last year’s Community Apple Drive, you blessed us with your overabundance and we have put those resources to good use – crafting handmade cider together, with you. Your efforts did not disappoint and we are so grateful! The contributions of local, urban fruit has resulted in over 500 gallons of cider, with over 300 pounds of persimmons now in fermentation, all thanks to you. The Community Apple Drive Cider gives you an opportunity to actually taste Eugene; far from being mass-produced, this cider is as local as it gets.
CAD Truck

And #WE love.

The first weekend of February is packed with Community Cider celebrations. After the Release Party on Friday, February 5, get ready for the Community Tap Takeover happening in Eugene only on Saturday, February 6; all establishments supporting WildCraft will tap the Community Cider on Saturday and $1 of each pint sold at participating businesses will benefit Long Tom Watershed Council. In addition, 10% of all sales of the Community Apple Drive Cider will be donated to Long Tom Watershed Council. Join the Release Party on Facebook and like the WildCraft page to stay up to date on our Community Drives and related events.

We’re already anticipating next year’s Community Apple Drive, looking forward to seeing involvement grow. We’re excited about continuing to develop this partnership with you, and if the response continues to soar, we may just start producing multiple batches of Community Cider each season. For now, we just hope you feel a sense of pride when you see your fruit transformed into a cider, that is exclusively Eugene.

Thank you for all of your help! We look forward to celebrating with you on February 5th & 6th!

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