Krampus is Coming!

Who is Krampus?  Historically, Krampus is a horned anthropomorphous creature that roams the world alongside St. Nicholas. He is often depicted with hoofed feet and mouth agape with a disproportionally long, serpiginous tongue, carrying a bundle or birch branches and a basket on his back.  WhileKrampus aside Saint Mikulas Santa is well known to reward the good children with gifts and stocking stuffers, Krampus, as the Bavarians will attest, is tasked to punish the moppets of abominable behavior.  He fell out of the storyline for a while, but is again rearing his ugly head, if you will.  In Europe, one can attend the Krampus parade.  Who knows?  Maybe one day there will be such a thing here in Eugene!

This holiday season WildCraft Cider Works is unleashing Krampus Cranberry Spruce. Staying true to our mission, the ingredients are sourced from Oregon. This includes not only the apples, but also the cranberries from Cape Blanco Cranberries in Port Orford, OR, as well as the locally foraged spruce tips. As the temperature drops and we are

surrounded by penetrating cold, this imperial cider will help to warm the bones, coming in with an ABV right around 9%. The cranberry comes through in the front with a true fruit forward flavor without the exaggerated grabby tartness one might expect, and then comes around to help with a lightly acidic dry finish that fans of WildCraft will certainly appreciate. This is rounded out with subtle coniferous notes from the spruce to make it a truly wintertide beverage. Give it as a gift, share it with friends at holiday festivities, or just enjoy it yourself!

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