The Urban Orchard Community Apple Drive

At Wildcraft, we pride ourselves on being community organizers and responsible stewards of local resources. As the seasonal change comes upon us and neighborhood trees paint the sidewalks with fallen fruit, we continue to press the finest handcrafted high-quality cider from wild orchards and local farmlands. But we’re about to take it one step further, into your backyard.

We are proud introduce the first ever Urban Orchard Community Apple Drive, a project that will deliver a handcrafted cider made from the community, for the community, with a little help from the wildcrafters. Oregonians are folks who stop to ask, “Where is my food coming from?” and in our line of work we know this question extends itself to craft beverages also. The Urban Orchard Cider Project is our close-to-home answer, but we need your help to pull it off, and we’ve got a special treat for all who help.

Cider doesn’t get more local than when it is made from the fruit of your own trees. Is your backyard a wild place? Gather up any fallen or unwanted fruit from your garden or backyard and bring it in to one of our designated drop-off locations. Our Wildcraft family will be there to receive your fruit donation and gift you with some complimentary Wildcraft hard cider or fresh juice to enjoy. Apples, pears, plums, all varietals are welcome. This is a full-scale community effort, geared toward utilizing local resources and bringing us closer together around the age-old process of crafting handmade cider.

Your fruit donation to the Urban Orchard Apple Drive will culminate in our first ever Urban Orchard Cider, slated for release on New Year’s Eve. In the spirit of community stewardship 10% off all sales from Urban Orchard Cider created with the apples and fruit from the Community Apple Drive will be donated to The Long Tom Watershed Council. So whether you’re a fruit connoisseur with a basket of apples from your prized personal orchard, or your backyard is a jungle with an abundance of otherwise forsaken fruit, your contribution can help us here at WildCraft create great cider, for everyone.
Your community, your resources, your ciderhouse. The Urban Orchard Apple Drive runs through November 1st, 2015.

Here are the details:

Bring in your unwanted fruit and together we will make Urban Orchard cider!

August through November we will be welcoming All varietals of apples, pears & plums. and we will give you trade to the The CiderHouse​ in exchange.

Barter fruit for Cider! The more fruit you bring the more trade you get!

1 box* = 1 pint of cider or 1 quart of fresh juice

4 boxes* = 32oz commemorative growlette* + fill

8 boxes* = ticket to the Urban Orchard Harvest Party

Drop fruit at these locations
the CiderHouse
390 Lincoln St,
Eugene, OR 97401

4pm-11pm Tue – Thurs
3pm-12am Fri – Sat

WildCraft Press House
254 Lincoln St,
Eugene, OR 97401

9am-5pm Mon -Fri
* 40lbs or more of usable fruit per box. Payment in trade voucher redeemable at The CiderHouse. *While supplies last.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Wow! This is awesome!

  2. Kelly Miller says:

    I live in a rental with an apple tree in front yard. They have some scabby looking patches on them, is that usable? It would be nice to salvage the fruit and put to good use!

    1. Absolutely! scabs are not bad as long as the fruit isn’t too bruised or rotting its good for fermentation. Our rule is if you would juice it so would we.

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