Cider gone wild | The Oregon Daily Emerald | Feb. 2015

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On the corner of 4th avenue and Lincoln street sits Eugene’s newest hub of innovative, alcoholic concoctions. WildCraft Cider Works is the city’s first “cidery,” which opened its doors to the public in late November 2014.

When you first enter through the doors of WildCraft, you’re immediately in front of the bar, greeted by a welcoming bartender who’s eager to inform you about the ciders on tap and provide you with samples. The types of ciders they serve, written on chalkboards that overhang the bar, aren’t anything like what you’d find in the hard cider section of Safeway.

You’ll see names like the Farmhouse Dry Cider, Tart Cherry or the Elderberry Perry. At WildCraft, the ciders are drier, have more complex flavors and a higher amount alcohol than, say, Angry Orchard or Crispin Cider.

The company is notable for experimenting with pretty much any fruit that can be sourced locally: cherries, elderberries, quinces, peaches, pears and of course, apples.

“At this stage, I would argue that there aren’t any fruits you can’t make cider with,” said Ellie Grimme, a co-founder and partial owner of WildCraft Cider Works. “In terms of what we won’t do, we’re really only focused on things that can be harvested in Oregon.”

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